Snapshots: Prue Acton

If you like to take an interest in fashion like myself, you would have heard of fashion designer Prue Acton OBE.


As the 1960’s was a time of change, Prue’s  Mod designs created a new look for young adventurous Australian women who didn’t want to dress like their mothers.

She left school at 15 to study Arts and Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).  In 1963 she started her own label and over the next 20 years to world-wide sales of $11 million.

The Gallery at Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre in Brighton are holding an exhibition to honor Acton. It features a range of outfits, accessories and cosmetics.  Prue Acton was one of the first celebrated trend setters to create the “total look”.

This display was part of the 2016 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) Cultural Project program.

Snapshots:  Prue Acton exhibition is on display until 1 May, 2016.


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