The Secret River

Having watched The Secret River; the two part mini-series which was screened on the ABC television network during 2015. I found out The Sydney Theatre Company presented a theatre production of this story during 2013. As it was a sold out hit in during its first run saw it return during 2016. This time it would be visiting Brisbane and Melbourne.

The play was adapted by Andrew Bovell and directed by Neil Armfield from Kate Grenville’s award-winning novel.

It’s set in 1805, in the new colony of New South Wales giving us a look into the colonisation of Australia and the escalating conflict between the original Indigenous inhabitants and the newly arrived white convicts and settlers.

This staging gives a voice to the land and the river, demonstrating how human stories are uniquely shaped by their environment.

The Secret River depicts a turning point in the development of Australia; a fork in the road with the chosen path resulting in consequences we all live with today.

Some of the cast includes Ningali Lawford-Wolf (Dhirrumbin), Nathaniel Dean (William Thornhill), Georgia Adamson (Sal Thornhill), Kelton Pell (Yalamundi), Trevor Jamieson (Ngalamalum), Colin Moody (Thomas Blackwell ) and Bruce Spence (Loveday).

The winner of six Helpmann Awards, including Best Play, Best Direction, Best New Australian Work, Best Original Score, Best Musical Direction and Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Play (Colin Moody).

It contains physical violence, sexual violence (suggestions of rape), nudity and strong language.

Playing for a limited season at the Playhouse Theatre at the Arts Centre Melbourne until 19 March.


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