Marilyn Monroe @ Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery is unique for having great exhibitions, this year they celebrate the inner story of American icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Curated by Bendigo Art Gallery, the costumes, personal clothing and artefacts have been drawn from private collections around the world and have never been seen before in Australia.

The collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox allows access to 12 of the films Marilyn completed with the studio, including glamorous studio portraits, wardrobe test photographs, lobby cards and film posters.

It includes more than 20 authentic, original film costumes worn by Marilyn, a selection of personal effects including the actress’ childhood camera, director’s chair and makeup, personal wardrobe outfits and costume accessories and original photographs, film extract and film scripts featuring the actress’ own notations.

Collectors Greg Schreiner and Scott Lortner, who together run the U.S Marilyn Monroe fan club were special guests at the opening of the exhibition.

Making its international debut in Bendigo is Seward Johnson’s iconic eight metre high sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, Forever MarilynIt’s on display at Rosalind Park, a short walk from the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Marilyn Monroe will be on display until 10 July, 2016.




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