Jurassic World

With the Jurassic World movie becoming a worldwide success, a exhibition has been bought to life. Jurassic World The Exhibition featuring all things dinosaur. Having its world premiere at the Melbourne Museum, the only city in Australia to host it.

Inspired by the Universal Pictures feature film Jurassic World you can experience getting up close and personal to a dinosaur.

Melbourne’s own Creature Technology Company have created life like animatronic dinosaurs. Visitors are able to experience life on Isla Nubar as a VIP guest and will discover the life of Jurassic World.

You are able to come face-to-face with Pachytinosaurus, visit the Hammond Creation Lab, learn more about the Brachiosaurus, get up close and personal to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The exhibition blends real life science and education.

Imagine Exhibitions, Magic Space Entertainment, Iconic Entertainment Studios, Kulburn Media, Arts & Entertainment International and Encore B produced this event.

Actors Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins who play Zach and Gray in the Jurassic World film and Doctor Jack Horner, one of the best known paleontologist in the world were special guests at the opening of the exhibition.

The Jurassic World exhibition is on display at the Melbourne Museum until 9 October.


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