Songs For A New World

After their award-winning production of Violet, Blue Saint Productions will be presenting Songs For A New World at Chapel off Chapel from 2 to 12 June, 2016.

Songs For A New World

Starring Nat O’Donnell,  and John O’Hara, Teagan Wouters and Linden Furnell. It will be directed by Helpmann and Green Room Award Winner Luke Joslin and musical direction is by Geoffrey Castles.

The first show written by Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown. It’s about one moment or having a choice, turn around and go back or make a stand. Characters and storied which are relevant today. The songs examine life, love and the choice.

It transports audience from a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge 57 stories above Fifth Avenue. During the show you meet an array of characters ranging from a young man who’s determined that basketball is the key to get out off the ghetto to a woman who dreams of marrying a rich man, nabs him and has a soulless marriage.

Some of the musical numbers include The New World, Just One Step, I’m Not Afraid of Anything, Stars and Moon, King of the World and Hear My Song.

Not classed as a musical, play or revue, Songs For A New World is a show of vignettes that snap shot the crossroads of life. It explores the decisions we make to change life.

For more information about Songs For A New World and Blue Saint Productions visit the website here.


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