After dazzling audiences around the world, Velvet will be staged during Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.

Director Craig Ilott created a raucous and seductive fusion of disco, dance, burlesque,  acrobatics and circus  channeling the original Studio 54 nightclub.

When the young performer slips behind the velvet rope that is Velvet, he encounters a  boogie wonderland.

Singer/songwriter Brendan MacLean heads the cast  alongside an international ensemble of circus, cabaret and music talent: including Stephen Williams, Craig Reid,  Mirko Köckenberger,  Emma Goh, Chaska Halliday, Rechelle Mansour, Joe Accaria and the legendary  Marcia Hines.

You will relive the disco era featuring some of the hits including Boogie Wonderland, If You Could Read My Mind, Young Hearts Run Free, It’s Raining Men, Turn The Beat Around and Stayin’ Alive.

It’s currently being performed at The Malthouse Theatre until 17 April.

For further information about the Velvet, visit the website here.


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