101 Hits: Tripod

TripodTripod are one of my favourite comedian acts as I’ve interviewed members for my Coffee Break With Belinda radio segment.

The 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival is commemorating 30 years.  But did you know that the comedy group Tripod are marking 20 years together?

To celebrate the milestone Tripod have created a new hilarious show called 101 Hits based on a set list from the stupidest songbooks ever invented.

During their career Tripod have traveled the world with their three part harmonies, one guitar and their unusual pop oddities.  They were regulars on Triple J’s breakfast show with the segment Songs In A Hour.

Over the years other projects followed including fours seasons on Skithouse and performing with Alana Stone in 2010 for the show Tripod Versus The Dragon.

They enjoyed a smash hit tour with Eddie Perfect in the cabaret show Perfect Tripod:  Australian Songs.  Released a single with Goyte for “Save Australia Music” and performed a capella version of Gnarls Barkly’s Crazy with Missy Higgins.

In 2015, they worked with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Grammy-nominated BAFTA winning composer, Austin Wintry for their show This Gaming Life.

Tripod’s 101 Hits is currently taking place at the Famous Spiegeltent at the Arts Centre Melbourne from 24 March to 12 April, 2016.


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