Women of Empire 1914-1918

With the 100 years anniversary of Anzac Day approaching, the Women of Empire 1914-1918 exhibition will be in Ballarat on this national day of remembrance.

A cast of characters, glorious gowns and mesmerizing stories will be part of this exhibition which has been viewed by over half a million people in Australia and New Zealand since February 2015.

More than thirty Australian and New Zealand women are featured who made history just as much as did their fathers, brothers, husbands and sweethearts.

Adventurers, campaigners, fundraisers, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and mothers  stories are brought to life in through the clothes.

The exhibition was devised, created and costumed by Dressing Australia Museum of Costume, whose historic fashion collection is one of the most significant and extensive in the country.

It’s an opportunity to gain a perspective on the Women of World War I. You can view the exhibition in Ballarat from 16 to 25 April.

For further information regarding Women of Empire 1914-1918, visit the website here.


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