CrossxroadsCrossXroads is a new Australian musical which will be having its world premiere at Chapel off Chapel in Melbourne.

Taking place over an ten year period, CrossXroads follows the relationship of Amy and Rick.  Starting from their graduation at the new millennium, a day in Paris which could be the best or worst day of their lives.  A story  about finding love and losing it.

The audience is taken on a journey into the sliding doors moments where your life may take a different turn.

Based on a book by Peter Fitzpatrick.  It features music and lyrics by Anthony Costanzo.

The story came about when writer Peter Fitzpatrick thought about the questions we have all asked ourselves “What If”?

This production will be directed by Tyran Parke.  Featuring an all-cast including Stephen Mahy, Alinta Chidzey, Joe Kosky, Fem Belling, Ed Grey, Bianca Baykara, Ryan Gonzalez and Bronte Florian.

It will be staged from 15 to 30 April.


One thought on “CrossXroads

  1. Brett says:

    I saw this show earlier this week and I loved it. It takes a little bit to get into the story, but by the end you feel really attached to the characters, and the music is really beautiful. I’m still singing the songs in my head!


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