Three One Act Plays

As I have previously mentioned I spent time living in Creswick.  I loved attending the productions presented by the Creswick Theatre Company.


The first production for 2016 features Three One Act Plays including Three Wise Monkeys, Doctor’s Dilemma and Catfish.  They were written by local Ballarat playwright Gary Roberts.  Each play has a intriguing twist.

Three Wise Monkeys is set in a restaurant.  Two couples come to sort out their lives while dining.  The restaurant is never booked out but staff have a difficult time coping. One waiter is visually impaired, the other can’t hear, the fish is off and the customers keep changing places at the tables.  What can go wrong? The cast includes Michael Clark, Meg Ford, Alistair George, Carol Hoffman and Scott Mapstone.

Doctor’s Dilemma is set in a doctor’s surgery waiting room, patients don’t seem themselves.  Will a brief moment change their lives?  Esther Hawkes, Tim Drylie, Margaret Long, Bill Weidner and Jenni Sewell are the featured actors in this performance.

Catfish is set in a police interrogation room. Someone is stabbed in the back.  Whodunnit? The widow, the travelling maid or the gardener who talks to cats. Will the Inspector or his offsider able to find out who committed the crime.  This award winning play’s cast are Ellen Scott, Ulrich Babst, Tracey Sleet, Andrew O’Connell and  Cheryl Wakeham.

All three plays are directed by Kerith Holmes. The stories have been weaved together in the most delightful way.

A limited season of six performances only will take place at Creswick Courthouse from 21 to 23 April followed by 28 to 30 April, 2016.

Three Wise Monkeys


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