Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience

Australia has always had an interest in the Eurovision Song Contest even though we never had a contestant in the event until 2015.

Melbourne is presenting the world premiere of Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience.  It’s a tribute to all the things which we love and hate about Eurovision.  It’s a cross between a musical comedy, live sporting event and a concert.

The representing countries in Song Contest include Italy, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Hungary and Iceland.  These eleven countries perform original love songs, funky pop and a power ballad.

Music featured in the show include Beauty, Understanding Music & Song, Save Me, Knutschfleck, Save The World, He Taught Me, You Are Soul, Nothing More Beautiful, Born For This, I Want 2bScene, Plastic Heart, Vegabonds, Haircut For A Revolution and Come Alive in Belarus.

Directed and produced by comedian Glynn Nicholas.  The cast includes legendary comedian Bev Killick, Jacob Darby, Julia Grenda, Vincent Hooper, Kimberley Hodgson, Tom Oliver, Jessica Lindon, Tehya Nicholas, Jem Nicholas, Julia Sharpe, John O’Hara, Sophie Wright and Djon Alexander.

Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience is currently being performed at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda until 1 May.

For further information regarding Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience, visit the website here.


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