Blonde Poison

After rave reviews in Sydney, Blonde Poison starring Belinda Giblin will be staged in Melbourne for a limited season at The Lawler, Southbank Theatre from 1 to 11 June, 2016.

If you were given a choice would you save yourself or your family from persecution or condemn others to death?  Blonde Poison is a one-woman play about the high price of survival, beauty and treachery.

Stella Goldschlag was living illegally in war-torn Berlin where she was betrayed and tortured. She was offered to save herself and her parents from death camps.  Stella agreed to be a ‘catcher’ for the Gestapho and inform on other Jews who were in hiding. Having been successful in working for the Gestapho, Stella was credited with finding and capturing 3000 Jews.  After her parents were sent to death she continued to work for the Gestapho and was given the name of Blonde Poison.

Years after the war Stella agreed to be interviewed by a respected journalist, who was a childhood friend.  Is this her last chance for redemption?

Written by Gail Louw, directed by Jennifer Hagan and produced by Adam Liberman.

Don’t miss one of Australia’s most loved actors in her finest performance you’ll ever see in remarkable one-woman play called Blonde Poison.

For further information regarding Blonde Poison, visit the website here.

Blonde Poison


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