The Book Club

Amanda Muggleton plays Deborah Martin stars in Roger Hall’s one-woman play, The Book Club.  Deb is a wife of a sport-mad lawyer and mother of two children who have left home.  Finding herself with an empty nest and no-one to share it with, she disappears into her books, fantasizing about all the great writers and what she’d like to do with them!

The Book ClubOne of her friends talks her into joining their book club, something she tried to avoid for years. It proves to be the making of her.  She meets a great group of women from all different ethnic and social backgrounds.

As Deb introduces us to the members of The Book Club, she becomes them: Welsh Millie, bumptious Meredith, predatory Steffi, pregnant Caroline and so on.

When it is Deb’s turn to host the club, she invites Michael, an author, and suddenly she has more spice in her life than a vindaloo curry. Muggleton portrays Michael and the other males) with as much style as she brings to the female characters, and her depiction of sex from both points of view is hilarious.

Renowed Australian director Nadia Tass will be directing The Book Club for the Melbourne season.

Join Amanda Muggleton in The Book Club before she takes to the London stage. It’s being performed for a limited season until 28 August at the Southbank Theatre.



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