First Date

Australia has always loved a dating television show from Perfect Match, Farmer Wants a Wife, The Bachelor… Melbourne’s own Pursued By Bear are giving you the chance to experience a dating musical.

First Date will be having its Australian professional premiere at Chapel off Chapel from 1 to 11 September. Instead of being set in Lower Manhattan it will be based in Melbourne’s north side.

First DateThis musical comedy features Aaron who’s a blind date virgin while Casey has been on her fair share of dates. They are set up by mutual friend, will sparkes fly?

The evening takes place over the course of their first date. It doesn’t go to plan or have a few surprises in form of imaginary visits from Aaron’s ex-girlfriend and Casey’s sister, over protective parents or even their future son.

Directed by Mark Taylor. First Date stars Rebecca Hetherington, Jordan Mahar, Nicole Melloy, Stephen Valerie, Danielle O’Malley, Adam Porter and Daniel Cosgrove.

With Google background checks, awkward pauses and bailouts, will these two romantics find out if they are perfect for each other or not in this musical about a First Date?


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