The Beast

Eddie Perfect’s black comedy play The Beast had its world premiere when the Melbourne Theatre Company commissioned it to be part of the 2013 Melbourne Festival. Three years later, its making a comeback with a tour of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

After surviving a near-death experience, a group of close friends embrace a tree-change but life on the land is more challenging than any of them can expect.  When killing a young Angus calf for a nose to tail dinner party, it sees them confront some ugly and shocking truths.

The BeastThe Beast confronts middle class trends, social climbers, foodies, wine snobs, helicopter parents, do-gooders and self-righteous gardeners.

Will their food be perfectly matched to the wine or will there be blood?

Featuring Eddie Perfect, Christie Whelan-Browne, Toby Truslove, Allison Bell, Rohan Nichol, Heidi Arena and Peter Houghton. This production is directed by Simon Phillips.

You’re invited to the worst dinner party ever when its staged at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne from 25 August to 10 September.

For further information regarding The Beast, visit the website here.


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