Having attended a performance of Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country at La Mama Theatre during 2015. I was pleased a national tour presented by Ilibjerri Theatre Company and Belvoir will take during 2017.

Like many other school children growing up I was neglected to be told the Aboriginal stories from Australian history.  The story of Coranderrk is one of those.

CoranderrkIn 1881 at a Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry, the men and women of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve went head-to-head with the Aboriginal Protection Board. They simply want to continue the experiment in self-determination they had pioneered for themselves on the scrap of country left to them.

Coranderrk revives the voices of all those, black and white, who fought for a better pact between the country’s oldest and newest inhabitants.

This production pays tribute to the resistance and flexibility of a people who rose to the challenge despite the odds, appropriating the power of the written word to make their own voices ring loud and clear.

Written by Andrea James and Giordano Nanni and it will be performed by Trevor Jamieson, Jesse Butler, Mathew Cooper and Ebony McGuire.

For further information on Coranderrk and Ilbijerri Theatre Company, click here.



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