Lennon – Through A Glass Onion

Growing up I remember watching John Waters on television as a presenter on Play School and in the mini-series “All The Rivers Run”.  Since 1992, John has been celebrating the life of musician, John Lennon in his stage show Lennon – Through A Glass Onion.

After a 16 week season in New York, Lennon – Through A Glass Onion will be performed in Ballarat at the Wendouree Centre For Performing Arts on 17 June, 2017.

Having the support of Yoko Ono and the Lennon Estate, the show was created and performed by Australian actor/musician John Waters and singer/pianist Stewart D’Arrietta.

GlassThe theatrical event is a kaleidoscope of part biography and concert celebrating the life and talent of John Lennon who co-founded The Beatles in 1960. They are considered to be the world most iconic musical act of the modern era.  After they disbanded in 1970, Lennon embarked on a solo career. In 1975,  he disengaged from music to raise his son Sean.  In 1980, he released a new album Double Fantasy.  Three weeks after its release, he was assassinated on 8 December, 1980.

It’s quite fitting for John Waters to perform Lennon – Through A Glass Onion as he was born on 8 December in 1948.

Featuring 31 songs including Imagine, Strawberry Fields Forever, Revolution, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, All You Need Is Love, Come Together, Help, Working Class Hero and Glass Onion.

Lennon – Through A Glass Onion has been a success since its was conceived in the early nineties. For audiences it either a trip down memory lane or a wonderful introduction to want to experience the life of John Lennon.

Click here if you would like to read my Coffee Break With Belinda interview with John Waters. 



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