Heart Is A Wasteland

Having admired the work of Aaron Pedersen on television and film, I was pleased to see that he would be appearing in Heart Is A Wasteland.  It’s going to be staged at the Malthouse Theatre from 29 June to 16 July, 2017.

Ursula Yovitch.Aaron Pedersen - Photo credit Deryk McAlpin copy-1Set against the back drop of the central Australian landscape, Rye is a country music star in the making. Playing pubs along vast desert highways, selling CDs for $10. She meets Dan, another wanderer and a love affair blooms during a four-day drive north of Roxby, South Australia to Alice Springs. It’s a journey into how we hurt and how we heal.

Presented by Brown Cab Productions who’ve combined their of love theatre, film and live music into this play. Written by John Harvey and directed by Margaret Harvey. Starring alongside Aaron are Ursula Yovich and Anna Liebzeit.

If you would like to see an Australian story; attend a performance of Heart Is A Wasteland.

Image supplied. Photo by Deryk McAlpin.






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