Falling From Grace

The winter production for 2017 presented by Ballarat National Theatre (BNT) are presenting Falling From Grace. It will be performed at the Courthouse Theatre from 8 to 15 July, 2017.

Written by one of Australia’s most prolific writers Hannie Rayson, Falling From Grace is a story of friendship between three women.

Falling From Grace

Having been colleagues and friends for years Suzannah, Maggie and Janet they have always helped each other through a life crises from husbands, lovers, children and work.

Their magazine is planning on printing an article about the high-profile female researcher Miriam Roth who’s conducting a trial of a drug for PMS.

Falling From Grace deals with what is moral or ethical and how people deal with difficult situations. It may not be as clear cut as it seems when various facts are revealed.

Directed by BNT long-time member Peter Nethercote and will star Jane Gaylor, Janette Baxter, James McLaren, Mary-Rose McLaren, Madeline Holland, Trevor Day and Miranda Donald.

A Q&A will take place with playwright Hannie Rayson after the matinee performance on 9 July.

Ballarat National Theatre have been entertaining the people of Ballarat and district since 1938. If you haven’t attended a performance, it might be time to support this local Ballarat theatre company.


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