Daisy Pulls It Off

Ballarat National Theatre‘s third production for the 2017 season is Daisy Pulls It Off.  It will staged at the Courthouse Theatre from 30 September until 7 October.

daisy014.jpgWritten by Denise Deegan in the style of old school girl annuals that I remember reading while growing up. The stories were always full of adventures.

Set in the 1920’s , Daisy Meredith is a scholarship girl at Grangewood School For Young Ladies boarding school.  She is forced to face and overcome prejudice and pranks from the wealthier girls.  Daisy and her best friend Trixie Martin search for missing treasure which could save the school. Daisy prevails false accusations, save the life of her enemies and discovered the mysterious stranger seen around the school grounds could be her long-lost father.

Daisy Pulls It Off is directed Mary-Rose McLaren.  Starring Alexander Meerbach,  Liana Skewes, Liz Hardiman, Audrey Price, Olivia French, Zoe James, Mika Wallace, Rachael Shelton,  Janelle Johnson, Linda Ogier, Lesley Hale, Janette Baxter, Graham Maxwell, Michael Zala and pianist Tim Webby.

Daisy02If you haven’t attended a performance of Ballarat National Theatre, it might be time to support this local theatre company which have been entertaining the people of Ballarat and district since 1938.

Don’t miss this limited season of performances which be staged at 8.00pm on 4 to 6 October and matinee will take place on 7 October.





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